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Set Card Name (translated) Price (€)
METW  Black ArrowEnglish CardBlack bordered4.00
METW  Dwarven Ring of Dwálin's TribeEnglish CardBlack bordered4.50
METW  EasterlingsEnglish CardBlack bordered5.50
METW  Fury of the Iron CrownEnglish CardBlack bordered3.50
METW  HaldalamEnglish CardBlack bordered4.00
METW  Lost in Dark-domainsEnglish CardBlack bordered5.00
METW  Neeker-breekersEnglish CardBlack bordered3.50
METW  Storms of OssëEnglish CardBlack bordered5.00
METW  The Iron CrownEnglish CardBlack bordered4.00
METW  The PreciousEnglish CardBlack bordered5.00
METW  Variags of KhandEnglish CardBlack bordered4.50
METD  Agburanar at HomeEnglish CardBlack bordered1.25
METD  Bairanax at HomeEnglish CardBlack bordered1.25
METD  Daelomin at HomeEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
METD  Deftness of AgilityEnglish CardBlack bordered1.60
METD  Dragon's HungerEnglish CardBlack bordered2.10
METD  Exile of SolitudeEnglish CardBlack bordered1.60
METD  EärcaraxëEnglish CardBlack bordered3.00
METD  Eärcaraxë at HomeEnglish CardBlack bordered1.50
METD  Fever of UnrestEnglish CardBlack bordered1.60
METD  Frenzy of MadnessEnglish CardBlack bordered1.60
METD  GothmogEnglish CardBlack bordered3.25
METD  Helm of Her SecrecyEnglish CardBlack bordered3.50
METD  Ireful FlamesEnglish CardBlack bordered3.50
METD  ItangastEnglish CardBlack bordered4.50
METD  Itangast at HomeEnglish CardBlack bordered1.25
METD  Known to an OunceEnglish CardBlack bordered2.25
METD  Leucaruth at HomeEnglish CardBlack bordered1.25
METD  Memories StolenEnglish CardBlack bordered2.50
METD  Morgul-ratsEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
METD  Parsimony of SeclusionEnglish CardBlack bordered1.60
METD  Passion of WrathEnglish CardBlack bordered1.60
METD  Prowess of AgeEnglish CardBlack bordered1.60
METD  Prowess of MightEnglish CardBlack bordered1.60
METD  ScathaEnglish CardBlack bordered3.75
METD  Scatha at HomeEnglish CardBlack bordered1.50
METD  ScorbaEnglish CardBlack bordered4.50
METD  Scorba at HomeEnglish CardBlack bordered1.25
METD  Smaug at HomeEnglish CardBlack bordered1.25
METD  Staff AsunderEnglish CardBlack bordered4.00
METD  Stormcrow (promo)English CardBlack bordered2.75
METD  Subtlety of GuileEnglish CardBlack bordered1.60
METD  Velocity of HasteEnglish CardBlack bordered1.60
MEDM  Angmar Arises (promo)English CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  Balance Between PowersEnglish CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  Bill Ferny (promo)English CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  Bring Our Curses HomeEnglish CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  Eyes of MandosEnglish CardBlack bordered3.50
MEDM  Fifteen Birds in Five FirtreesEnglish CardBlack bordered3.00
MEDM  First of the OrderEnglish CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  Gems of ArdaEnglish CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  Herb-loreEnglish CardBlack bordered3.00
MEDM  Hobbit-loreEnglish CardBlack bordered3.00
MEDM  Hour of NeedEnglish CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  In the Heart of his RealmEnglish CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  Like the Crash of Battering-ramsEnglish CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  Long Dark ReachEnglish CardBlack bordered4.50
MEDM  More Alert than Most (promo)English CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  Never Seen Him (promo)English CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  Ordered to KillEnglish CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  Out of the Black SkyEnglish CardBlack bordered3.00
MEDM  Pale Dream-makerEnglish CardBlack bordered3.00
MEDM  The Black Enemy's WrathEnglish CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  The HuntEnglish CardBlack bordered3.00
MEDM  To Get You AwayEnglish CardBlack bordered3.00
MEDM  Token of GoodwillEnglish CardBlack bordered2.75
MEDM  Tribal TotemEnglish CardBlack bordered2.75
MELE  Deadly DartEnglish CardBlack bordered3.75
MELE  Foul TrophiesEnglish CardBlack bordered6.00
MELE  The ArkenstoneEnglish CardBlack bordered4.50
MEAS  Alatar the HunterEnglish CardBlack bordered1.00
MEWH  A New RinglordEnglish CardBlack bordered3.00
MEWH  Arcane SchoolEnglish CardBlack bordered2.50
MEWH  Bow of AlatarEnglish CardBlack bordered3.50
MEWH  CounterfeitEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Cruel Claw PerceivedEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Doeth (Durthak)English CardBlack bordered4.00
MEWH  Earth-eaterEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Euog (Ulzog)English CardBlack bordered4.50
MEWH  Flotsam and JetsamEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Give Welcome to the UnexpectedEnglish CardBlack bordered4.50
MEWH  Gnawed WaysEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Goblin-facesEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Govern the StormsEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Greater Half-orcsEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Inner RotEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Keys of OrthancEnglish CardBlack bordered5.00
MEWH  Keys to the White TowersEnglish CardBlack bordered2.50
MEWH  Liquid FireEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Mask TornEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Mischief in a Mean WayEnglish CardBlack bordered4.00
MEWH  Nature's RevengeEnglish CardBlack bordered2.50
MEWH  Oromë's WardersEnglish CardBlack bordered4.00
MEWH  Power Relinquished to ArtificeEnglish CardBlack bordered2.50
MEWH  Ring of FireEnglish CardBlack bordered4.00
MEWH  Saruman's MachineryEnglish CardBlack bordered2.50
MEWH  Saruman's RingEnglish CardBlack bordered4.00
MEWH  Shifter of HuesEnglish CardBlack bordered2.50
MEWH  Sojourn in ShadowsEnglish CardBlack bordered2.50
MEWH  Something Else at WorkEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Stave of PallandoEnglish CardBlack bordered4.00
MEWH  The Black CouncilEnglish CardBlack bordered2.50
MEWH  The Fiery BladeEnglish CardBlack bordered3.00
MEWH  The White CouncilEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  UglúkEnglish CardBlack bordered4.50
MEWH  Whole Villages RousedEnglish CardBlack bordered2.00
MEWH  Wild HorsesEnglish CardBlack bordered3.50
MEWH  Winged Change-masterEnglish CardBlack bordered2.50
MEWH  Wizard's TroveEnglish CardBlack bordered2.50